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Please review the pricing and details

for Retail Keg Beer purchases below:

1/6 bbl (sixtel)  =

5.14 gallons of beer

1/2 bbl =

15.5 gallons of beer

Keg Pricing:

Subject to availability ~ See beer descriptions here

Tier 1:

Dirty Blonde


Carson Pass Pale Ale


Milk Stout

Tier 1 prices:

sixtel: $105 + tax

1/2 bbl: $225 + tax

Tier 2:

Night Hike Porter


Hazy IPA's

Deep Hop Red

Tier 2 prices:

sixtel: $110 + tax

1/2 bbl: $235 + tax

Tier 3:

Double Goat - Double IPA

Belgian Beers

Imperial Stout

Tier 3 Prices:

sixtel: $125 + tax

1/2 bbl: $255 + tax


Keg Customers are responsible for their own tapping and dispensing equipment, and the knowledgeable use, cleaning, and maintenance of that equipment, whether they are using a CO2 kegerator or mobile system (like a jockey box) or an economical party pump tap. We no longer rent tapping equipment, but we have some new party pump taps & tubs for sale. See below, and please review complete instructions that come with any tapping and dispensing equipment.

Party Pump Taps & Tubs For Sale at Brewery: 

(Subject to availability)



Plastic Ice Tub for

Sixtel Kegs  


$100 deposit on all kegs

Party Pump Taps are designed for serving a keg at a single event, and they change beer character because they pump outside air into a keg to push the beer out, and that air breaks down the beer in as little as 12-24 hours.

A broad range of keg tapping equipment can also be purchased from and many items (including Jockey Boxes and Beer Trailers!) can be rented for special events from Beers in Sac.


Super Sturdy & Flexible Black Plastic Ice Tub for 1/2bbl Kegs $30+tax


Basic Party

Pump Tap 


Upgraded Lever-Style

Metal Pump Tap