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Enjoy our beer

in the comfort of your own home, or at your next party! 

1/6 bbl (sixtel)  =

5.14 gallons of beer

1/2 bbl =

15.5 gallons of beer

Keg Pricing:

Subject to availability ~ See beer descriptions here

Tier 1:

Dirty Blonde


Kit Carson Pale Ale

Light Pale Ale


Milk Stout

Silver Lake Wheat Beer

Tier 1 prices:

sixtel: $95 + tax

1/2 bbl: $190 + tax

Tier 2:

Night Hike Porter



Deep Hop Red

Tier 2 prices:

sixtel: $105 + tax

1/2 bbl: $200 + tax

Tier 3:

Double Goat - Double IPA

Big Bounty

Velvet Volcano - Imperial Stout

Martha - Belgian Blond

Monks On Holiday

Tier 3 Prices:

sixtel: $120 + tax

1/2 bbl: $215 + tax

 Party pump Tap + Tub: $25 per week rental fee


A $100 keg deposit will be collected for each keg, either size.

A $50 deposit will be collected for each tap rented.
Deposit will be refunded if equipment is returned in good working order.


 If you tap a keg with a party pump tap, the character of the beer  will start to change after 24-36 hours.  Whereas, if a keg is on a CO2 Draft system, it will be good for 2 + months with proper line cleaning.

Contact us to reserve a keg