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Our Beers

Amador Brewing Company prides itself on crafting delicious interpretations of beer styles that are both common and not-so-common, both familiar and not-so-familiar. Every beer we make is balanced and super drinkable, so we hope you will try them all.






(Subject to Availability)


“Dirty Blonde” – Blonde Ale or ESB

5.4% ALC. by VOL. – 25 IBU


This Blonde ale is not your traditional pub blonde. She is copper in color and showy of her bread, toasted malt, and honey notes. While hopping is reserved, her Fuggle and Willamette additions give pleasant notes of young wood and earth. Even a hibiscus flower is there to accent this beauty. 

IPA – India Pale Ale  

7.2% ALC. by VOL. – 62 IBU 


There is a common mindset that an IPA has to be very bitter. We don’t agree.  We chose to keep our IPA’s bitterness restrained while packing it full of hop aroma and flavor, thanks to healthy doses of Columbus, Centennial and Chinook hops added after fermentation. It’s pungency of tropical fruit, citrus and earthy spice are displayed over a special blend of domestic and European malts that lend a unique richness to the beer. Enjoy! 

Double Goat – Double IPA

8.2% ALC. by VOL. – 82 IBU

As with loud music, you might not always be in the mood for a Double IPA. But once you get into a good one, it's hard not to find joy in such a hoppy thrill! For our DIPA we dared to seek the implausible: BALANCE, nuanced flavors, and restrained bitterness that defy its massive hopping and higher ABV. We hope you enjoy its nose of honeydew melon and the Herb, followed by lavish flavors of pine, lemon and grapefruit peel, and juicy oranges. Then pair it with bacon-topped anything and heavy metal hair whipping with two goats held high!

Altbier – Northern German Amber Beer

6.3% ALC. by VOL. – 45 IBU

An often unfamiliar and certainly under-appreciated style in the U.S., Altbier is a traditional German amber ale made famous by the regions surrounding Düsseldorf. An Alt should be nearly brown in color and possess a full-bodied, European malt character that is layered with distinct caramel sweetness and a mild breadiness. Altbiers should finish dry, with a firm noble hop bitterness. We make Amador Brewing Company’s Altbier in just this way, to make the style shine. An amazingly food-friendly beer, give our Alt to your favorite Chef and incredible pairings will follow.

Kolsch – Kolsch-Style Ale  

5.2% ALC. by VOL. – 28 IBU


A Kolsch-Style Ale is essentially a Pilsner that is fermented with an Ale Yeast instead of a Lager Yeast. Fermenting with an Ale Yeast brings subtle tropical aromas and a touch of meyer lemon, which mesh beautifully with herbal tones and spice that come from the Sterling hop. What a Kolsch maintains from a Pilsner are its light, distinctive European malt character and a perfectly crisp finish. A thirst quencher for sure, you can’t go wrong with this beautifully-made Kolsch any time of year!

"Carson Pass Pale Ale" - American Pale Ale

5.5% ALC. by VOL. – 40 IBU


Can a beer beckon for adventure? Kit Carson does, with a beautiful coppery color, enticing tropical aromas paralleled by fresh pine, and the white wildflowers of the Sierra. Refreshing, with medium body and a hint of bitterness on the finish, this well-balanced pale ale is perfect for summertime and daydreaming of the good life--whether that's lounging in the tropics, or kayaking remote mountain streams.

Deep Hop Red – Red Ale  

6.6% ALC. by VOL. – 66 IBU 

A hearty, West-Coast Red by style, but with a focus on kettle hops as opposed to dry hops. Copious late kettle hop additions and a blend of six domestic and European malts create complex flavors at both ends. This beer goes deep and showcases flavors of stone fruit and baker’s bitter chocolate. A can’t lose brew for your backyard BBQ or party.

"Night Hike Porter" - Porter

7.3% ABV – 46 IBU 

Night Hike Porter resides proudly between the American Robust Porter and lesser-known Baltic styles. Baltic porters traditionally show influence from Russian Imperial Stout (RIS), and in this context our porter exhibits dark fruit and roast characters that would be appropriate in RIS, without its often burnt overtones or heaviness.  With a nod to the Baltic style, hints of citrus and mint hop character, and a deceptively drinkable finish, our porter has accompanied many a moonlit country walk. A favorite of the staff and our close friends for years.



Milk Stout  

5.1% ABV – 29 IBU 

Your taste buds just curled up next to a cozy fire with a bowl of Tin Roof Sundae ice cream and an espresso macchiatto, both delightfully spiked of course.... Dessert course is here! To save you the lookup, Tin Roof Sundae is vanilla ice cream with ribbons of chocolate syrup and chocolate-covered peanuts. The similarity of flavors to this lactose sugar enhanced sweet stout verge on stupefying.

“Martha” – Belgian Blond Ale

7.3% ALC. by VOL. – 25 IBU

Part of the Belgian Strong Ale family, this irresistible broad of a brew begins with a bright gold color and aromas of clove spice, orange blossom, and sweet field grass. On the tongue, the body is rich but easy-going, with flavors of semillon grape, lemon, vanilla, and a finish of silk and satin. Martha brings together the best kind of noble hop earthiness, playful Belgian yeast flavors, and delightful Pils malt character that is sweet and dry at the same time. We think she is a stunning beer!

Citrachicoe IPA - New England-Style IPA
6.7% ALC by VOL. - 50 IBU


Named for its plentiful dry-hopping with Citra, Sorachi Ace and Simcoe, this cousin to our "Gimme the Juice" Citrus IPA presents a next take on having an entire orchard in your glass. Like it's relative, this hazy IPA showcases tons of lemon, tangerine and citrus leaf flavors that float above a clean malt base, but in Citrachicoe, these flavors are entirely hop-derived. Modest in bitterness and alcohol, but bursting in juicy aroma and flavor, Citrachicoe is also a delicious interpretation of the New England-Style IPA that is creating a nationwide craze for haze!

"Gimme the Juice" - Citrus IPA -


6.8% ABV - 51 IBU 

The recipe for this Citrus IPA is built upon the peel and juice from 350# whole fruit from Rainwater Oranges in Winters, California, where our brewer's cousin grows some of the most delicious navel oranges, grapefruit, and lemons you can find. Combined with a clean malt base and hops specifically chosen to accentuate and not mask all that fruit, Gimme the Juice makes you feel like you've got an entire orchard in your glass. You won't find a more honestly derived citrus brew anywhere.

Big Bounty – Apricot Strong Ale


8.2% ALC. By VOL. - 82 IBU

With bright apricot and citrus aromas, plus rich malty tones and nuttiness, Big Bounty Strong Ale packs all the flavor of a California harvest into a single, deliciously powerful beer. A blend of Chinook and Nugget in the kettle and twice as a dry hop contribute tremendous hop flavor and aroma, with added apricot leading the charge from the glass. There's no fearing Fall's coming cold with a Big Bounty in hand!

Silver Lake Wheat – Citrus-y Wheat Beer


 4% ABV – 31 IBU.

Hot days call for something cool to splash around with! This crusher is a re-take on last year’s Pool Floatie, brewed to combine the light body of a wheat beer with refreshingly bright hoppiness. From its Columbus, Centennial & Simcoe additions you will smell and taste orange blossom, grapefruit, pine bows and wheat grass. So much flavor in a light-weight brew!

Hazy Goat IPA - 6.8% ABV, 47 IBU

Introducing a hazy little sibling to our Double Goat DIPA: Hazy Goat IPA!!! Hop-charged heavy metal hair whipping still rules in this family, but here it comes with a hazier, crisper, lighter body with lower ABV and a reddish-gold hazy hue. Not-subtle hop character throws down dank pine, an orange grove, lychee-stuffed white peaches, and a hard candy rainbow. Super delicious and drinkable, yet BOOOOM!!

 “Monks on Holiday" 

Belgian Trappist-Style Tripel Ale  


9.0% ALC. by VOL. - 25 IBU

A moment with this golden luster buster packs in delightful flavors and leaves you enjoying its fine lines of malt. Call it Trappist or Belgian by style, this refined yet jolly brew carries bright aromas of pear, pie spice, vanilla bean, and wildflower honey to play. Embracing a soft caramelized balance, it's carbonation and bitterness will also please your edgy tendencies. Both serious and fun indeed!

“Batch 007”

British Dark Mild

4.0% ALC. by VOL. – 25 IBU 

Milds are traditional pub-style session ales rarely seen this side of pond, with two recognized forms: dark and pale.  Our Mild is dark and handsome, showcasing many of the properties of an English porter, just in a smaller package. Its modest alcohol, subtle roast character, purposefully low carbonation and low bitterness (hence the term Mild) make this ale a perfect pint to drink in quantity, any time of year.

“Pseu-Pseudio Wit” – Tart Belgian Wheat Ale with Lime & Chipotle Chili - 5.5% ABV

One day, we thought we'd have a little fun and deliberately tweak the classic Belgian Witbier by tossing aside traditional coriander and bitter orange peel additions, and replacing them with whatever our friends at local restaurants could come up with that turned out to be awesome! So we brewed a lovely Pseudo-Witbier and these guys started throwing everything they had at it, one half gallon and a time. Who'd of guessed, but the buck stopped completely with lime and chipotle chili. Incredible! Please enjoy this wonderfully tart, bright and refreshing wheat ale - with just a touch of smokey spice - as a fond salutation to great cooks everywhere. Cheers!

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